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BCHE Student Council is a leadership training and service group. Students that join Student Council learn and practice leadership skills, volunteer in the Abilene community, help organize events for BCHE families, and build great friendships with their fellow members.

Students must be at least 14 years old to participate, and current members of BCHE. We ask that students and parents prayerfully consider Student Council. Students are asked to attend monthly meetings, follow through on scheduled volunteer projects, and do everything with a cheerful heart and enthusiastic spirit. Respect for each other, for adult leaders, and for those we serve is expected. Modesty in dress and speech is required. Parents are asked to help students get to scheduled meetings and activities, and to occasionally help with both, as needed. All students will be held accountable by adult leaders and fellow student council members, and should strive to be exceptional in both behavior and attitude.

LEADING by example.  SERVING with enthusiasm.  LEARNING through self challenge.

DOING awesome things!

Student Council members serve in many different ways--some service times are regular and some change from month to month. Not every SC member is present at every service time, but students are expected to make this a priority, attending as many service opportunities as possible. 

We serve at soup kitchens, at local charities and organizations, and at public events. At least once per year, we travel to serve Texas Home School Coalition for a few days. Student Council members organize and run an annual Lego Day that is open to the public, and help with many events for BCHE. BCHE and Student Council also play a big role in the annual Abilene Children's Art & Literature Festival (CALF).  

If you are a member and would like more information about joining BCHE Student Council, email [email protected] We can't wait to meet you!

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